The province of Alberta in western Canada has a diverse landscape. From the flat prairies to the majestic rockies, from sizzling summers to freezing winters, two days never look the same.

Many of the images here have been used by Volkswagen AG, World Wildlife Fund, Via Rail (Canada), General Motors, Pfizer, Epson, Canon Marketing (Japan), Konami, BASF, Orvis, Dupont Pioneer, Groh Verlag (Germany), Korea Plastic Recycling Association, The National Energy Board (Gov't of Canada), Canadian Tire, etc., for annual reports, books and magazines and international advertising campaigns. The Alberta landscape provides a great medium with which to deliver a message.

I am pulling my photos from Firstlight because of non-payment.
Because of the increasingly low prices that agencies charge (and in one case delaying payments by almost half a year) my new photos will be available directly through me. I will no longer be submitting new images for stock.

If you are looking for a particular kind of landscape and don't see it here, there is a good chance that I have it but haven't posted it.

If you have a business that affects the environment and would like to have it photographed in a creative way, I also shoot on assignment. I am based in Edmonton, Alberta.


ps. Art directors and creative directors, to keep the galleries to a manageable size, similars are not posted. If you see something you like but it's not quite right for layout, drop me a message. I may have a variation that will suit your purposes.

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